MICE Services

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MICE Services

Do you want to reward your employees for the effort they put into the company’s successes? Emphasise that they are the company’s greatest asset? Motivate them to continue working?


Our incentive trips for companies are not only experiences, but also activities to overcome weaknesses and learn new skills.


The basis of a well-functioning team is mutual trust. A well-integrated team can work wonders and seize many new opportunities.


We offer services for the organisation of special events and corporate events. Product promotions, concerts, shows, themed events we have mastered to perfection.


The Adventure Planet Group is a Polish tour operator and tour operator in Poland (so-called inbound tourism).


We provide a comprehensive organisation of professional conferences that meet the highest quality standards. An experienced team and innovative solutions guarantee a successful event


We organise conferences, webinars, training courses and concerts, providing high quality service and an innovative approach to organising remote meetings.

Adventure Planet Group



You want to reward your employees for the effort they put into the company’s successes? Emphasise that they are the company’s greatest asset? Motivate them to continue working?

The Adventure Planet Group is a tour operator dealing with the preparation and realisation of incentive events, incentive trips, the organisation of conferences and training courses and tours for companies both at home and abroad. We also specialise in the organisation of corporate events acting as a creative event agency.

With our passion for travel, knowledge of the world, experience and enthusiasm, we have helped motivate many companies. Team Adventure Planet is made up of creative individuals who will plan your trip in a way that will leave you with great memories for years to come.

We believe that motivated employees are effective employees. From our trips, staff return satisfied and ready to work hard to win more clients and conquer new markets!

Company Tours

Organization of company tours

We organise professional “tailor-made” corporate events so that the results exceed the expectations of our clients.

The Adventure Planet corporate trips are a unique opportunity to visit the furthest corners of the world. The programme of the trip will provide attractions and atmosphere that cannot be experienced when travelling as an ordinary tourist. Travel and company trips stimulate creativity and unleash out-of-the-box thinking. They give you what you are unable to achieve through boring and tedious training or trips without a well-thought-out programme.

We take care of every detail of the trip – we prepare events with the utmost care. Don’t have an idea for a destination and theme for your trip? We have visited almost the whole world and have many ideas for an amazing incentive event.


Incentive tours

We help you understand and motivate those who make up your company and those around you: employees, business partners and customers. Our motivational events excite, energise and at the same time motivate efficiency, loyalty and collective success.

We organise events and parties for companies on a variety of themes. The energy that recharges the batteries of every participant in such an event is enough for many months of productive work afterwards. By taking part in team-building trips, we motivate our employees to feel an integral part of the company and to want to work together on its development.

In the West, incentive trips are one of the most popular forms of motivation and a frequently used relationship-building tool. These trips, have both recreational and business purposes. A change of environment, triggers motivational impulses and allows employees to recharge their batteries. In a climate of fun and unusual adventures, it is easier to establish business contacts and build the groundwork for future contracts.


Incentive for companies

We organise tours for companies, both small and larger.

We start our cooperation by analysing the needs of the company. Based on the information obtained, we consider various destination suggestions and create a preliminary programme for the event. We take into account the most sophisticated needs and are not afraid of unusual orders. We are able not only to organise a unique trip, but also to obtain tickets for a Champions League match or another prestigious sporting event.

We advise, plan, organise and motivate! If you would like to find out more, please contact us and visit our Incentive trips page.

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