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A key issue in organising a conference is getting the finer details right.

Professional organisation of training courses and conferences

Posiadamy ogromne doświadczenie w zakresie organizacji kongresów, imprez i wyjazdów dla firm, co w połączeniu z doskonałym rozeznaniem rynku i aktywną współpracą z setkami obiektów konferencyjnych, pozwala nam na przygotowanie imprezy zawsze spełniającej Państwa oczekiwania.


Organisation of a conference

A key issue in the organisation of a conference is getting the smallest details right. Training courses and conferences are supposed to take place in a friendly and stress-free environment. However, this is not enough to make them memorable and long-lasting in the minds of the participants. Our task is to provide accompanying attractions.

Finding the most convenient venue for a conference or training, taking perfect care of every little detail so that they run in a friendly and stress-free environment is almost ideal. What makes it absolutely ideal is ensuring that these events remain and stand out in the participants’ memory. This is where accompanying attractions come in.

You can attain this ideal by co-operating with us in organising conferences, congresses, formal and informal meetings, training events or banquets. We will take care of everything so that no-one from your organisation will have to lose sleep over thousands of details.

Our activities

The scope of our activities

We have experience in organising events for companies, which together with our intimate knowledge of the market and active co-operation with hundreds of conference facilities enables us to prepare an event always meeting your expectations.

The scope of our activities includes:

  1. Finding the right venue – having access to a large database of hotels, guest houses, manor houses, castles, or training–conference centres we can select a facility that will suit you in terms of its standard, prestige and location.
  2. Providing logistic services prior to, during and on completion of the conference or training, comprising among others:
  • on request: developing an Internet website dedicated to the particular project
  • invitations and information packages for participants
  • registration of participants
  • branding
  • preparing conference or training materials
  • transfer of guests and their accommodation
  • technical assistance
  • catering
  • on request: pillow gifts
  • co-ordinating the preparations for and the course of the meeting

3. Accompanying attractions – we offer original scenarios for games and day or evening events which add variety and honour to the whole project.

Our and at the same time your success is the fact that training or conference participants will have fond memories of the meeting, remembering its quiet course, fruitful results, relaxing and exciting free time programme, excellent food and luxury accommodation.

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