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We offer you services in the field of organising special events and company events. We have run product launches, concerts, shows and thematic events each of which was special, extraordinary and unique, both for us and our customers. We are ready for new challenges!

We prepare our offers to meet your special requirements. All our activities are aimed at creating a brand image and drawing attention to the company’s logo so that they remain in the target group’s memory. Original ideas that we put into practice make the events attractive and underline their importance. Their results are the good vibes about the event which are there still long after it is over.

Organising events

Organising events of all kinds and sizes

We specialise in organising events of all kinds and sizes, from cosy evening meetings for a few persons to picnics for thousands.

The projects and animation are implemented by professionals based on an agreed agenda. What adds a special flavour to our events is the presence of celebrities from the world of show-business, whose selection suits your preferences. Have a look at example photos from our thematic and evening events.

Adventure Planet

Adventure Planet - we understand your needs!

Organisation of our corporate events is concentrated in the hands of professionals, so that they run according to an agreed scenario rich in emotions, numerous attractions and animation. An unforgettable flavour to corporate events is added by specially invited, according to your preferences, well-known figures from the world of show business. Such an activity is a hit. It will attract a crowd of potential customers and boost the morale of your employees. It will be the perfect way to thank them for their mutual cooperation and commitment, and they will certainly feel fully appreciated.


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